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Comic Con

I know Comic Con was nearly two weeks ago now but I haven't felt like posting pictures. It was amazing!!! Best weekend of my life.

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Here's just a little quote from a wise man....

"All I'm saying is that old people need to be old people. You need oldness. You need to see old people. You need to go "Right, they might have a solution they've been on the earth longer. Quick, we need an answer. How old are yer? - I'm 32 - Well you look 78!" - Karl Pilkington

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Find these and more here.

Noel Fielding: 1-18
Noel and Others: 19-24
Russell Brand: 25-26
Mathew Horne: 27-28
Sweeney Todd Movie: 29-33
Sweeney Todd Touring Cast: 09 34-40
Slumdog Millionaire: 41-43
Dev Patel: 44
Emma Watson: 45-80
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Dave Brown <3

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A list of some of my favorite movies that I have an urge to watch:

Children Of Men
Across The Universe
The Boondock Saints
Mean Creek
Pitch Black
About A Boy
A Knights Tale
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Deep Blue Sea
Never Been Kissed
Catch Me If You Can
Where The Heart Is
10 Things I Hate About You
The Patriot

So I'll get on that :)