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Comic Con

I know Comic Con was nearly two weeks ago now but I haven't felt like posting pictures. It was amazing!!! Best weekend of my life.

Me and Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica!

Jared Padalecki! I was one of the last people they let meet him and they wouldn't let me get a picture with him.

Ed Westwick! He was gorgeous in person! And he winked at me... :)

Eve Myles! I wasn't allowed to get a picture with her either. :(

The Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker!!! He was so sweet!

The Dollhouse Panel with Joss Whedon and Tahmoh Penikett:

The Fringe Panel:

Joshua was hot!

The rest are just random pictures from the weekend.

Alright last but definitely NOT least is my favorite costume I saw. I have no idea what he is but It's amazing!

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